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  • Ways To Save Money On Air Conditioning

    There is no person who loves living in a stuffy and hot house. Therefore, it is a priority for many people to keep their houses cool during hot weather. However, this relief can come with a hefty price. You need to learn simple ways to reduce expenses without compromising on the comfort of your home.

    Increase Outdoor Shade
    A large percentage of the heat that builds in the house is from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight hits your roofs and shines through the windows. You can lower the temperature inside your house by having an outdoor shade. Trees that grow in your landscape can block some sunlight from getting into your structure. In turn, you may enjoy improved air conditioning efficiency from shrubs and trees around your houseair conditioning 65. Although planting trees is a tough task, the huge savings you will enjoy in long-term are worth.

    Improve Window Efficiency
    Windows provide a considerable source of heat that gets into the house. You can install solar screens that can block over 70% of sun rays entering the house. These screens should be installed on western and eastern exposure windows. They will block late afternoon and early morning solar energy. Nowadays, windows provide glazing that blocks sun’s heat rays. During hot hours, close windows to keep hot air from getting entry into the house.

    Adjust Interior temperature
    When you are not at home, you can raise the interior temperature. The same can be done at night. Keep temperature over 78 degrees. As long as Your HVAC system removes humidity from the air, you will still be very comfortable at those temperatures. This technique can help you save about 15% of energy bills.

    air conditioning 66Use Fans
    You can raise the comfort of a house my moving air. Fans are not expensive and are ideal options for moving air in your house. You can use ceiling fans and window fans. Window fans are ideally in expelling warm air out and letting cool air into the house.

    Avoid using cooking appliances that generate a lot of heat during hot days. For instance, you can avoid using the oven or stove. Rather, you can use the outdoor grill. You can also use a microwave instead.

    Maintain HVAC Units
    Proper maintenance is necessary to keep equipment running efficiently. If some parts are worn out, they should be replaced. When filters become clogged, change them.