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  • Common causes of kitchen sink clogs

    Have you ever experienced using your kitchen sink and you have noticed that the water is not actually going down? This experience can be really annoying especially if you are in a rush to prepare a meal for your family or do the dishes.

    Therefore, you have to learn how to resolve the issue on your own. It is also necessary that you educate yourself as well as your family members about the things that they should not be trying to dispose of using your sink.

    What causes kitchen sink clogs?

    gsagashgshgThere are numerous things that can block the passage of water in your kitchen sink. Usually, these are solid substances that build up in the pipe that goes to your actual sink. Take a look at the following things that you should not be throwing into your kitchen sink to prevent clogs.


    Most of the time, people try to take the grease off their dishes in their kitchen sinks. You can effectively do this if you utilize hot water. If not, the tendency is, the grease will solidify. As a result, it will build up in the pipe until it gets big enough to block the entire opening. There are also instances when food particles that pass through the drain will stick to the grease that builds up on the pipe walls. Once this happens, the water in your sink will no longer drain.

    Food particles

    Food particles are the most common cause of kitchen sink clogs. This may include meat, bones, rice, coffee grains, and other remnants of the food that you cook and eat. And so, it is highly recommended that before you do your dishes, get rid of the remaining foods on the plates by clearing them out in the garbage can.

    Foreign objects

    hgshgashgsAnother cause of kitchen sink clogging is foreign objects that may accidentally fall or get thrown into your sink such as children’s toys, beads, jewelry, and many more. If you have kids in your home, this is most likely to happen. Since such objects are made up of solid materials, it will be hard for them to go through the drain. With this, you may need the assistance of a plumber.