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  • TV For Small Apartment

    tvWhat TV is good for a small apartment is a question asked by many city dwellers.

    Size does matter and it’s not the big that is always the best. When it comes to televisions, the size of the screen should be in accordance with the size of the room in which the TV is placed.

    With trend of small sized and studio apartments in big cities, one needs to plan the space utilization very carefully.

    In small living rooms, one needs to understand the right size that is required based on the available setup space and viewing distance. These days, the TVs are available in wide range of sizes, right from 22 inches to 110 inches, ranging from Full HD to Ultra HD resolution.

    While requirement for each apartment is specific to that apartment, which one needs to understand based on the overall interiortv2 planning. However, there are certain thumb rules that can be kept in mind while making a purchase decision for your TV. If the viewing distance in your apartment is around 4.5 feet, then one can opt for 32 inches television, which is not a bad size to enjoy movies or TV on your TV. For 5 to 5.5 feet kind of distance, one can look to purchase a 37 inch television.

    If you are looking for a 40-42 inch TV, which can give you an option to explore the 4k resolution, then your viewing distance should be ideally around 6 feet. If your small apartment gives you a luxury of 6.5 feet viewing distance, then you can opt for a 46 inch TV.

    However, as the size of the TV frame increases, the problem of area occupied by TV screen also comes in. To put things into perspective, a 46 inch TV would typically have an area of around 900 sq. inches whereas a 42 inch television would typically have an area of around 750 sq. inches. The area of TV would depend on bezel size of the TV as well. For a small apartment, it would make sense to look for a TV with minimal bezel.

    Another important TV purchase consideration that one has to make is between LED and Plasma TVs. In a small apartment where every inch of space is a major concern, plasma TV will not be a wise idea, as they are much bulkier and have thicker bezel. With same kind of device area, one can get much more screen real estate with an LED TV.tv3

    At the end of the day, what TV is a good for a small apartment is a very personal choice. One should take into account the viewing distance as a reference point and plan the TV size accordingly. However, if watching TV or movies on TV is an important part of somebody’s life and he or she needs a bigger screen, then one should consult a qualified interior designer to see how the space can be best optimized to allow fitting in a big sized TV.