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  • The Benefits Of Using Fire Glass In Your Fireplace

    Most homeowners use firewood as the source of fuel in their fireplace. If you use wood, you need to know that most homeowners are now turning to fire glass. If you are yet to try using fire glass, you have every reason to try wholesale fire glass. First, wood emits toxic fumes that pose some significant risk to your respiratory system. These fumes put both you and your family at risk. That said, the following points should convince you why using fire glass is good for you.

    Why fire glass is better than wood

    No risks of firesszdfsDzsdfszf

    Many cases of home flare-ups have been linked to using firewood in the fireplace. This mainly happens when wood crackles under a flame and ignites carpets, curtains or anything close. Having your house burnt down could imply that you have to start afresh. Instead of waiting for this to happen, it is advisable to use fire glass in place of firewood.

    No risk of respiratory infections

    With firewood, breathing issues are almost inevitable. In most instances, smoke from firewood makes it hard for you to breath. The products of combustion could also have some carcinogens that could put your health at risk. Moreover, artificial fire logs have been observed to contain some amounts of asbestos, which can be cancerous. Therefore, you need to ensure your family is in good in health by staying away from these elements.


    How much do you spend on firewood? Well, firewood can be costly to use for many reasons. First, low supply of wood from deforestation has pushed the prices of wood high. Secondly, firewood is used once unlike using a fire glass. Fire glass can be used for many days considering that it does not burn out easily. It is almost impossible to make fire glass turn black or even melt.


    ghszdfvszThere are many types of fire glasses. When buying fire glass, you will realize that there are many different colors to choose. As such, you can choose a color that matches your preferences. At night, they not only provide you with the warmth but also add light to your home.

    Besides health and environmental factors, having fire glass in your fireplace can be delightful to look at. Fire glass is not only ideal for indoor applications but outdoor fire pits. They are small enough to allow propane gas around it as it burns.