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  • The Most Economical Fridge

    fridge2It is common knowledge that a fridge stores food for long periods of time without it going bad.

    It is also well known that the same fridge in your holds accounts for a good percentage amount of the total energy bills at the end of the month given that it needs to stay in constant power supply for 24hours of the day.

    However, it is now possible to change all this around given you apply some few tips. That said, which fridge is the most economical one?

    An economical fridge should be able to perform its function and at the same time not ask too much of your wallet once the electricity bill comes. You can either settle for a two door fridge which has at least 2.5 stars, an upright one which has the same stars or a chest freezer which has the least star count of 3. This is significant in that any extra star is a guarantee to reduce your monthly costs by a good-enough 20%.

    In addition, the most economical fridge should be of the right size to cater for your needs comfortably without straining it too much and simultaneously not under-utilizing it. That said, if your fridge is occasionally less than two of a third (2/3) full, then logic should tell you that it is too big for your daily needs hence you should consider acquiring the one which matches your size. This will greatly influence your energy consumption positively.

    Thirdly, always go for the models which come installed with door alarms. Why so? The alarm is to give you reminders to promptly close your fridge once you are done with it. When your fridge is open, the more energy it consumes.

    Fourth, secure yourself a fridge which includes thermostat controls in its design. These controls come in handy most of the times. They are simple to read and to operate thus giving you favorable working conditions.

    Fifth, fridges which employ the use of two door accessibility also show promise when it comes to saving the bills. More so the two-door models which host the freezer at the top than at the bottom are known to be economical.

    Sixth, fridges, which have chest freezers, are also a great bet. Buying this model rather than the alternative will save much onfridge bills since once its door is open, it does not let cool air flow out of the compartment.

    Finally, fridges which have in-built ice-makers generally use more energy. So avoid these models.

    This list will help you narrow down your options and answer the frequently asked question “what fridge is the most economical?”