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  • Tips On Residential Mosquito Control

    No matter the type of climate, mosquitoes can survive. Most governments have been unable to keep up with the spirit of residential treatment. Therefore, as a homeowner you need to keep yourself safe from dangers posed by mosquitoes. There are different types of pest control, which you can employ to get rid of mosquitoes. The effectiveness of methods used varies greatly.

    Breeding Grounds
    Standing water is known to be a favorite breeding area for mosquitoes. Therefore, mosquito control measures should include the elimination of breeding grounds. Start by sealing drainage areas. Various objects such as buckets, old tires, and containers should be closed. Regular cleaning of artificial ponds, swimming pools, and birdbaths is necessary to prohibit larvae growth. You can introduce certain fish get rid of mosquitoes 1species that feed on mosquito larvae. In this way, breeding of these insects is thwarted.

    You can increase surface tension of water. First, you can introduce oils that prevent larvae and pupae from having air breath. Areas, where dengue and malaria are frequent, should be reported to health authorities. Chemical sprays are commonly used to kill the existing larvae. You need special equipment to carry out this procedure. The disadvantage with this method is that it requires professionals and is likely to cause environmental pollution.

    If you live in areas that are mosquito plagued, you can use personal protection to avoid catching diseases. It is good to wear clothing that covers your arms and leg. Always shut windows and doors during early evenings to minimize chances of mosquitoes gaining access to the house. Fans have been found to be very effective than air conditioners. This is because they blow away these silly insects. Attach get rid of mosquitoes 2treated mosquito nets to doors, air pockets, and windows as a way of preventing their entry. Nets can also be used over sleeping areas, beds, and cradles.

    Mosquito Traps
    Nowadays, there are different products sold on the market that attract, repel, or eradicate mosquitoes. Their effectiveness varies depending several factors. For instance, bug zappers use electrocution methods. These devices are used commonly in tropical countries. Only a fraction of mosquito population can be attracted since these insects are not prone to light.

    A new method that is still under test mode is sound emanating control. In this method, ultrasound is used to repel mosquitoes. However, there are many complaints about these products as they have been found quite ineffective.